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melisa meral

a direct & efficient professional, Melisa has 10+ years' experience in transforming processes that build successful companies! she spent several years consulting for Fortune 500 companies including Roche, Abbott, and General Electric & then launched her own company, evolving organizational systems for small business owners. Melisa is a master of productivity, time management, and process improvement. she has a knack for digging deep with c-level execs to achieve goals strategically and discover uniquely differentiating needle movers that increase profitability!  as a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and motivational coach, Melisa truly makes sht happen!

streamlining systems & creating simplified solutions for small business owners

starting a new business? Melisa comes up with the strategy for HOW to get things done, and then parcels out tasks to ensure those items get crossed off your never-ending to-do list. in her $97 1-hour Pivoting with Purpose Private Sessions, Melisa will dive deep into daily operations of the whole business or for the entirety of a project – which includes the work of other team members like VAs, web designers, social media experts, or other outside consultants that support your biz. let's discuss your priorities and come up with a strategy to get you back to organized bliss, and away from messy chaos!

let's get you organized

  • Project Management – Creating your next email funnel or landing page in mailchimp, building a new wix website, batching the next month of your social media content? Melisa can help!

  • Operations Management – It's time to make sure you have systems in place for billing, client relationships, workflows, communication standards, never-ending email inboxes, and all the other nitty gritty processes! 

  • Metrics Management – Melisa is a wiz at tracking stats & defining KPIs so you know exactly what’s working in your business and what isn’t. Get ready to move the needle forward as you focus on strategic goals. 

  • People Management – Hiring, outsourcing, delegating, managing, and tracking the completion of the day-to-day tasks and efficiencies of your team. Let's nail down a plan.

speaker & trainer for hire

Melisa spoke on over fifteen stages in 2019 with her keynote topics that garnered attention from over 50 national news publications + 5,000 clients, customers, and loyal fans! Melisa's signature talks are on productivity which includes game-changing tips on time management, prioritization, minimalism, organization, and goal setting. an inspiring & motivating speaker, Melisa's energy is sure to light up any crowd.

subject matter expert for your next podcast interview or article

Melisa has contributed to articles featured in Infusionsoft, American Express, and MarketWatch. she's been on award-winning podcasts like Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau, empowerHER with Kacia Fitzgerald, and Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium. plus, she still loves to make smaller appearances at local conferences & events in her home state of sunny California for the San Diego Union-Tribune and Real Talk San Diego.

the make sht happen method: 

skills, habits, & tactics

a free 20+ page eBook designed for new business owners. this awesome guide includes tons of tips, tricks, and hacks to keep you productive, organized, and moving the needle forward as you build the foundations and structures of your business. from an 80/20 exercise to a SWOT analysis worksheet, to powerful branding activities- Melisa's got you covered! 

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