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each Pivoting with Purpose Private Session call is $97. Melisa will give you the customized roadmap you need to succeed with powerful values exercises to determine your best culture fit, clean up your digital footprint, and learn the art of storytelling & copywriting to boost your confidence & credibility.​​ plus, learn why LinkedIn should be your best friend, how to answer the tough "trick interview questions" and how to implement impactful follow-up tacticsMelisa uses her 10+ years' experience in human resources consulting for Fortune 500 companies PLUS her 3+ years' experience in copywriting to help get your resume to the top of the pile. learn how your current skills can translate to your next career move. concerned your experiences as an entrepreneur won't translate to the corporate world? don't worry- Melisa will show you the way! 

free tools & resources

feeling stuck in a career you don't love and want to make a change? burnt out as an entrepreneur and need the stability of a paycheck and a full-time role? Melisa will work with you 1:1 to find the job, team, and company that is the best fit for you while defining where you want to go next & why. it's a scary time to be out of a job or out of money- let's fix that for you, together.

add-on resume writing

Melisa's style is for driven individuals that are committed to their career progression & ready to get to the next level of growth. it’s time to figure out what’s working & what's not. Melisa is all about honing in on strategic goals to elevate job seekers by teaching them to stay in their zone of genius, NOT drowning in overwhelm. ask about resume add-ons in alignment with your Pivoting with Purpose Private Session!